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Used Powerware 9150, 9170 UPS Battery Backups

Buy or Sell New/ Used Powerware UPS Battery Backups: Powerware 9150 and Powerware 9170
Used Powerware 9150 UPSUsed Powerware 9170 UPS

Powerware 9150, 9170 UPS Feature:

◊ Double conversion online technology
◊ Ultimate protection against power surges, sags, line noise and spikes
◊ Doubles battery service life
◊ Easy to install and operate as a PC.

Baffled with the many UPS options you see on the internet? Here at CFC, selecting the perfect UPS system for your application is as easy as 1-2-3. Our online store is filled with reliable UPS equipment from the leading manufacturers, including Powerware 9150 and 9170. Our selections of used Powerware 9150 and Powerware 9170 UPS battery backups are cost-saving alternative to new UPS equipment. We carry different models of UPS to meet the different power requirements of your system.

Our collections of used Powerware 9150 UPS battery backups provide quality backup power for data centers, server farms and telecommunication facilities. This product offers a true UPS online design that ensures continuous, clean power. On the other hand, our offered used Powerware 9170 UPS systems are available in modular designs that deliver scalable solutions to meet the changing power requirement of your application.

If you still don't know what type of Powerware UPS is ideal for your needs, please contact us. We have customer representatives who are expert in Powerware 9170 and 9150 UPS. Also, we invite you to sell your used Powerware UPS battery backup. We have a great offer for your excess equipment.

Buy / Sell Powerware UPS - if you need to sell equipment Call us for pricing, we can assist in the take out of your equipment, including all models of used Powerware 9150, 9170 UPS battery backups.

Our stock changes daily. For fast, real time inventory, please give us a call.

Call for Pricing or Engineering support:

Most Models of Powerware 9170, 9150 UPS are Now Available

Used Powerware 9170 UPS - 3 to 18 kVA
Used Powerware 9150 UPS - 8 to 12 kVA

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Hundreds of websites sell used data center equipment. We urge you to BE CAREFUL who you buy from. Below are some tips for buying data center equipment:

Unlike most online retailers, CFC is not a broker. We warehouse our own equipment and sell it direct to customers. Cutting out the middleman allows us to push HUGE SAVINGS direct to our customers.

Unlike brokers who simply set up shop and sell a product they've never seen or installed, CFC has years of experience building data centers for real businesses. Don't be fooled into buying from someone who can't help you with the technical aspects of a data center.

With every data center equipment purchase, CFC offers FREE engineering support. We will not only provide the best equipment, but also the best service to match. Call us anytime for assistance: 303-995-0870

Here are some CFC customer testimonials:

"I've been searching all over for an affordable phone system for my small business. I called several websites only to get no service or support. One guy was even a broker who couldn't tell me anything about his products! The man I talked to at CFC knew everything about the system, and walked me through some of the installation on the phone. Thanks guys!"
         - J.R. Sanders

"I ordered an engine generator from a competitor's website, and was promised same day shipment. As it turned out, that website was just a broker, and didn't know what was and wasn't in stock. After waiting two weeks, I had to cancel my order. Then I found CFC. They were able to walk out to their warehouse, check on the availability of my part, and ship it right away. Great service and product knowledge. I'll be back!"
         - T. Charles

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